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    @meriem @22decembre J'ai essayé. Ça marche moyen depuis !gnusocial. Je constate aussi que la doc est intéressante à ce sujet :

    > Followers-only toots do not appear in the public timeline nor on your profile page to anyone viewing it unless they are on your Followers list. The option is of limited use if your account is not also set to require approval of new followers (as anyone can follow you without confirmation and thus see your private toots). However the separation of this means that if you do set your entire account to private, you can switch this option off on a toot to make unlisted or even public toots from your otherwise private account.
    > Private toots cannot be boosted. If someone you follow makes a private toot, it will appear in your timeline with a padlock icon in place of the Boost icon. NOTE that remote instances may not respect this.
    > There is no reliable way to check if an instance will actually respect post privacy. Non-Mastodon servers, such as a GNU Social server, do not support Mastodon privacy settings. A user on GNU Social who you @mention in a private post would not even be aware that the post is intended to be private and would be able to boost it, which would undo the privacy setting. There is also no way to guarantee that someone could not just modify the code on their particular Mastodon instance to not respect private post restrictions. A warning will be displayed if you're composing a private toot that will federate to another instance. You should thus think through how much you trust the user you are @mentioning and the instance they are on.